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simplify registration process...

Make the registration process a single step, if you want to verify the email entered for registration purposes, send the registration code to the entered email address. This will force users to enter a valid email address. Regardless of what you do, users can always create legitimate "throw-away" email addresses. This is especially true for GAOTD software because there are no upgrades and no support, no need to have a good email address filled up with ads from software vendors.

David C , 16.04.2013, 11:11
Idea status: under consideration


Yaakov Hillel, 16.04.2013, 16:03
I have done everything that I was supposed to do when I put in the pasword given me it was not accepted
Yaakov Hillel, 16.04.2013, 16:24
you make life very difficult and the amount of time wasted is not worth the trying.
Richard, 16.04.2013, 16:28
The password ist not accepted

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